Dr. Vince Conticello was abandoned by wolves and raised by his parents, which accounts for his unusual perspective. He later wandered into science, where oddball ideas are tolerated.

Today, the Conticello Group in the Department of Chemistry at Emory University works to optimize nature’s macromolecular machines by studying how sequence-specific biological macromolecules (i.e., proteins and nucleic acids) interact with very high selectivity to create the complex cellular machinery that perform the physico-chemical functions associated with metabolism, signal transduction, replication, and differentiation in living systems within the nanometer to micrometer size regime.

Of course, Vince has never given up on the wolves. A recent paper describes the discovery of a shape-shifting collagen-based nanomaterial that can shift from flat sheets to tubes and back to sheets again. His werewolf cousins would be proud.

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